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Over 30 million people in the United States alone suffer from eating disorders. In other countries around the world, people suffer in silence because there is no talk of these illnesses at all. Eating disorders have the highest mortality rates of all mental illnesses, and yet very few films and television shows get them right.


This community is severely under-serviced by the entertainment industry and it’s time for that to change. Entertainment shapes our culture. So we are shaping entertainment. 


This project is inspired by the very real and often hilarious experiences of our lead actress, co-writer/creator and recovering bulimic Angela Gulner. It was created in tandem with HLG Studios.


The goal of the project is simple: We want to tell this story and we've grown tired of the slow moving machine that is the Hollywood system -- particularly when it comes to creating brutally honest content by and about women.


So, instead of going the traditional route (pitching, pleading, begging, selling our first born), we decided to independently create this pilot to share the vision of the project and show that there is a real and powerful audience for this kind of story. 


We believe there's a place in the world for stories that reflect back our experiences, particularly if those experiences are complicated, messy, painful, ugly, troubling and, well, human.


So, watch it, love it, tell everyone you know about it, 

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