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Thank you. You've touched our hearts so deeply

Keep fighting. You're worth it.

And we'll keep fighting for your right to see your stories reflected in mainstream media.

Holy shit. I actually want to cry. There’s a show about a bulimic. A funny sad desperate bulimic with messy hair and smeared makeup who talks to herself after purging just like I do. And the “I’m fine” at the end? Funny and dark and ironic and true aaahhhhh. I need more of this.

...I fucking loved it...Life is so messy and complicated and this pilot just made me laugh/cry because for the first time, I don’t feel completely alone with this stuff...you’re touching people with this...

I’ve struggled with anorexia since 2000...and it’s so refreshing to to see a show that, while darkly humorous, portrays eating disorders and mental illness in an unapologetically raw and un-sugarcoated way.

Yesterday I was at the grocery store. I had a really hard day and went straight for the bakery section. As I approached the donuts my first thought was Angela in Binge. I took a step back from the donuts display and remembered that it’s okay and this need to binge and purge won’t last.

As a bulimic struggling with the decision of whether or not to seek recovery, this show really struck a chord with me...The quality of this show is outstanding, and good representation of eating disorders is hard to get out there. So... keep fighting the good fight.

I love you, your bravery, your honesty, and your fantastic writing style/sense of humour. Thank you!

I really liked this. At my lowest this was pretty much me. I was a mess. I was reckless. I think a lot of people go through at least a short period where they just don’t care anymore. Very well done.

I just found it refreshing that it wasn’t like all those other things that wind up trivialising and/or glamourising EDs. It feels honest in how raw it is.

Look, this is an accurate portrayal of bulimia. This is an accurate snapshot of my life. Unlike other ED material, people like it because it feels true to how we suffer. That’s the big difference.

Your show is an unapologetic and honest depiction of what it is like to suffer from an eating disorder- something that is much needed in a world where eating disorders are often misunderstood.

Brilliant, the most realistic eating disorder program I’ve watched. She reminds me of me when I’m wasted, and the car full of food is spot on! Really hope this gets snapped up as a series.

Seriously- you pretty much nailed the trajectory of my life with an eating disorder... Love, love, LOVED the show. I’m SO excited for there to be more episodes and to raise more awareness.

You managed to capture an accurate picture of the embarrassing, the demoralizing, the less than glamorous, and somehow still make it funny and endearing. I actually have anorexia... but I can attest to a number of ways that has complicated my life in terms of work and relationships. As an adult, I also appreciated the character not being another teenage prep school girl. I know there’s a place for those too, but it’s overused and underwhelming at this point. A change of perspective was refreshing and much needed.

This is a show that needs to happen. The only times you ever see bulimics on TV are snotty rich antagonists who have no real personality. I LOVE how this highlights the utter lack of control and desperation that comes with bulimia. This ED is messy and manic and deadly, and people need to see that.

I’ve been waiting for content like this for a long time.

...it’s about damn time that someone was telling a more realistic story of eating disorders-not some romanticized version of a sad teen. It’s dirty, gritty, sad, and frickin’ hilarious.

I FUCKIN’ LOVE IT! This needs to be made. I’m a broke ass alcoholic bulimic but I would donate money to make this happen.