A new indie comedy about bulimia and addiction. 

BINGE ITVF Laurels (1).png

Congrats, Angela Gulner! - Best Actress in a Drama - ITVFest 2017

Official Selection of the Independent Television Festival - 2-17

Winner of the Bronze Telly Award, 2017

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Happy Valentine's Day!

We are thrilled to release this short film prequel to BINGE, co-starring the fabulous Drake Bell. Enjoy!


Created/Written by Angela Gulner and Yuri Baranovsky

Produced by Angela Gulner and HLG Studios

Directed by Yuri Baranovsky


Angela Gulner

Daniela DiIorio

Danny Jacobs

Ryan Stanger

Gabby Maiden

Faith Imafidon

Kim Fitzgerald Starzyk

Yuri Baranovsky

Robert Paterno


DP: Justin Morrison

Lead Editor: Dashiell Reinhardt

Editor: Robb Padgett

Production Design: Marie Jach

Post Sound and Mix: TJ Jacques


With Music By

B. Squid

The Mots Nouveaux

Vlad Baranovsky


Inspired by the Recovery of Angela Gulner


Thanks for Watching.



Don't throw up.